About Us

JC Rentals opened in Summer 2023 to provide Ocean City vacationers, as well as our fellow locals rental beach equipment. We make it easy to rent high quality beach chairs, umbrellas and cabanas! If you're coming down to the beach and don't have enough room in your car, simply forget your beach equipment, or for whatever other reason need some awesome beach gear, JC Rentals has you covered! 

Also, as a locally owned and operated business out of Ocean City, Maryland, we have grown tired of seeing brand new and/or perfectly fine beach equipment be thrown out or left behind by vacationers who did not want to take the equipment home with them. To help cut down on the amount of wasted equipment every summer, JC Rentals also buys back quality beach equipment! So if you didn't find our website at the beginning of your vacation and bought some new beach equipment that you planned on throwing out or leaving behind, don't! Pass it on to JC Rentals where we will offer you a fair price for your beach equipment!

Finally, enjoy your stay in Ocean City and thank you for choosing JC Rentals!