Ocean City has the Best Sunrises and Sunsets!

Ocean City is known for its beautiful beaches, vibrant boardwalk, and family-friendly attractions. But one of the most magical aspects of this coastal paradise is its breathtaking sunrises and sunsets.

Ocean city MD sunset bayside with ocean city water tower

Perfectly Positioned Between the Ocean and the Bay

Ocean City’s unique geographical location provides the perfect vantage points for both sunrises and sunsets. Nestled between the Atlantic Ocean to the east and the Isle of Wight Bay to the west, you can enjoy stunning views of the sun emerging from the ocean in the morning and setting over the bay in the evening.

Pristine Beaches for Sunrise

Start your day with the serene beauty of a sunrise over the Atlantic Ocean. The unobstructed horizon and the gentle sound of waves create a peaceful atmosphere that’s perfect for reflection, meditation, or a morning walk. Whether you’re an early riser or set an alarm for this special occasion, the sight of the sun’s first rays painting the sky in hues of pink, orange, and gold is worth the effort. You'll want to get over to the beach around 5:30 AM to ensure you get the best views of the sun coming up over the Atlantic!

Ocean City MD Sunrise over the beach and Atlantic Ocean with seagulls in view
Night time picture of the Ocean City beach over the water with a full bright moon
night time views over Ocean City MD beach near the boardwalk
Ocean City MD sunrise over the ocean and beach with lifeguard stand in sight


Bayfront Views for Sunset

In the evening, head to the bay side of Ocean City to witness equally stunning sunsets. The calm waters of the bay mirror the vibrant colors of the sky, creating a double display of natural beauty. For the best views be sure to get outside between 8 - 9 PM! 

Ocean City MD sunset picture taken from Ropewalk restaurant
View from Ropewalk Ocean City
Ocean City Sunset over canal
Sunset over Bay in Ocean City, MD at Spain Wine Bar

View from Spain Wine Bar

Sunset view Ocean City Maryland at Skye Bar

View from Skye Bar and Grill

Ocean city sunset over canal in north OCMD
Sunset view from Condo in Ocean City Maryland
Sunset view from Northside Park in Ocean City MD
Sunset view from Northside Park
Sunset view from House Rental in Ocean City Maryland
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